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Carbonated Cleansing, Hot Cleansing, Double Cleansing, Oh My! The TBE Guide to Face Washing 2.0  

Time was when simply rinsing off your cleanser with thirty lashes of water constituted "best practices." But with the explosion of K beauty and other skincare trends from Asia, the act of cleansing has now been elevated into something approaching an art form. Breathless headlines promising, "This new cleansing trend is going to be huge!" pop up almost everyday. From carbonated cleansing to stick cleansing, options abound. But are all these new methods (and, in
Victoria Beckham wearing her eponymous collection for Estée Lauder. Image courtesy of Estée Lauder.

Hot Launch: Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder Fall 2018 Collection

Earlier this week, Victoria Beckham released her second limited-edition makeup collection for Estée Lauder and—no surprise here—it's just as exquisite as the first one she launched in 2016. The sleek black and gold collection includes eye shadow quads, black eyeliners, highlighters, matte lipsticks and a gorgeous new shimmery balm called "Aura gloss" which was used backstage at Beckham's show this past week. Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder Fall 2017 Collection. Image courtesy of Estée Lauder

Nail Call: The Floating Moon Mani

Are you too old for nail art? Hell no. Like long hair, ripped jeans and rocker Ts, it can look cool on anyone if you have the attitude to pull it off. I love playing with my nails and get bored with straight forward manicures so I'm always on the lookout for a style that looks cool but not too insane. The floating moon mani, which involves a half moon migrating to different areas of
Rrose body milk from Brooklyn Ellis smells like the most heavenly rose perfume

Meet Rrose Sélavy from Ellis Brooklyn, Your New Favorite Fragrance

With her latest scent from Ellis Brooklyn, RRose, New York Times beauty columnist Bee Shapiro appears to have finally captured the white whale of fragrance: a scent that is both fresh and natural yet nuanced and complex. The name, an homage to Marcel Duchamp’s female alter ego, Rrose Sélavy (a play on “Eros, C’est La Vie”) underscores its playful unpredictability. As a muse to Man Ray, Duchamp dressed up as an older woman, attempting to

Road Test: Nars PowerMatte Lip Pigments

I have always had a fraught relationship with long-wear lipstick. I like the idea in theory, but my voracious appetite and perennially chapped lips always seem to laugh in the face of those 8-hour claims. Until now. Nars's new Powermatte Lip Pigments ($26 each, 20 shades) stand up to even the most aggressive consumer of Sweet Greens. I applied "Get It on," the shade Bella Hadid is wearing in the new Nars campaign (and Thandie Newton
Derms agree: Neocutis Lumiere is the best eye cream for wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness

The Best Eye Creams for Wrinkles, Puffiness and Dark Circles

If there is one question I get asked by every single person who knows me (and my nerd-like compulsion to drill down on the science behind beauty products) it is this: What is the best eye cream? And do any of them really work? As a longtime beauty editor, I have tried dozens of eye creams. For many years, I didn't find anything that made a noticeable difference. But as I've gotten older and my

Anti-Aging Advice from a Veteran Beauty Editor

So what do I know about anti-aging? Honestly, more than I'd care to admit. I've spent the last 20 years reporting on the beauty front and during that time I've tested hundreds of skincare products and I have a good sense of what really works (and what really doesn't). My interest in the subject is not merely academic: I personally REALLY want to know which wrinkles creams and brightening serums will make my skin look

The Ten Best Spas in NYC for Facials, Massage and Body Treatments

Who doesn't want to celebrate national relaxation day in NYC?  Over the years, I've traveled the country (and world) scouting spas as the Beauty Director of InStyle magazine and I can say from personal experience that NYC is home to many of the very best. When people ask me for a recommendation, my biggest challenge is choosing just one. Which is why I put together this list: a round up of my favorite spots in

Earth Day Guide: Organic Makeup That Lives Up To Its Claims

You buy organic milk, shop only in the organic produce aisle and would never think about purchasing beef that wasn't grass fed. So why not celebrate Earth Day by taking a hard look at the products in your makeup bag? For many years, good organic makeup was hard to find. Some products would work well enough, but when you peeled back the label, you'd discover they really weren't that green after all. Others would have

Caudalie Launches New Spa on Madison Avenue

Good news for those who mourned the diasappearance of  the Caudalie spa at The Plaza: The brand's newest spa on Madison Avenue has just opened—and it is gorgeous! This intimate, boutique-like space (which houses four treatment rooms) was modeled after the Parisian apartment of Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas. I tried their signature 50-minute "grand facial" ($185) and swear it was a transformative experience (even for this acne-prone facial phobe). In addition to a deep cleanse,
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