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Rrose body milk from Brooklyn Ellis smells like the most heavenly rose perfume

Meet Rrose Sélavy from Ellis Brooklyn, Your New Favorite Fragrance

With her latest scent from Ellis Brooklyn, RRose, New York Times beauty columnist Bee Shapiro appears to have finally captured the white whale of fragrance: a scent that is both fresh and natural yet nuanced and complex. The name, an homage to Marcel Duchamp’s female alter ego, Rrose Sélavy (a play on “Eros, C’est La Vie”) underscores its playful unpredictability. As a muse to Man Ray, Duchamp dressed up as an older woman, attempting to look young and beautiful. Working with famed perfumer Jerome Epinette of Byredo, Shapiro channeled the subversive spirit of Rrose Sélavy by flipping the olfactive script. “I thought, ‘let’s take rose, which is such a common note, and try to make it fresh and young and unpredictable.’’ The result: a fragrance that’s as intoxicating as it is unexpected. At first whiff, one can hardly even recognize rose, enveloped as it is in a luscious bouquet of