Cashew Ricotta Toast with Fresh Peaches & Spicy Honey

An easy, vegan-friendly breakfast even your kids will like

Over avocado toast? I’m getting there, too.  And while I absolutely love a traditional ricotta toast drizzled on honey, I’ve been trying hard in the last year to avoid dairy (for both health and complexion reasons). This simple cashew ricotta toast—made with fresh baked whole wheat bread, peaches, mashed cashews, mint, poppy seeds and spicy honey— is my favorite new five-minute healthy breakfast. Vegan-friendly and loaded with beneficial fats and other beauty nutrients, it’s also simple to whip up once you’ve soaked the nuts. The spicy honey from Bushwick Kitchens gives it an unexpected zip, as does the mint.

How to Make Cashew Ricotta

Simply soak 1½ cups of cashews in 1 cup of water for 2 hours or up to overnight. In addition to making the nuts soft enough to grind into a paste, plumping them up with water makes them easier to digest. It also helps with vitamin absorption. After you drain the nuts, place them in a Cuisinart. Blend everything together until it’s thick, then season with salt and pepper to taste. Keep in mind: If your goal is a healthy breakfast, always use raw, unsalted cashews.

Nutritional info

Calories: 262 

Fat: 10 grams

Saturated fat: 1.5 grams 

Fiber: 4 grams 

Not a fan of mint? Here are a few other delicious variations 

  • Blackberries, basil & agave 
  • Bananas, pecans, dates & honey 
  • Watermelon, mint & balsamic glaze
  • Strawberries & Nutella 
  • Tomatoes & pesto 
  • Fresh dates, basil & balsamic 
  • Diced peaches & lemon thyme 


Amy Synnott

Amy Synnott

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