Easy Pancake Art that Will Blow Your Kid’s Mind

3 simple pancake designs that take just minutes

Hilary Clinton pancake

Let me start with this disclaimer: I am not a chef. In fact, I am not even a very good cook. One thing I do seem to have knack for? Making things look pretty, and in the case of pancakes, fun! My kids are both picky eaters so I’ve spent years tinkering with their food like it’s Play-doh. I don’t make the batter from scratch; in fact, I literally just pour it out of a bottle. Revolution Foods recently sent us their brand new product Breakfast Heros and we are OBSESSED. You simply defrost the cartons the night before you want to use them, then shake it up in the morning and pour. The cartons are small so it’s the perfect size for one pancake breakfast. It’s also the only pancake product made with real eggs, and no artificial flavors or colors. One final selling point: The female-owned company was created by two moms on a mission to make healthy food more accessible to every child (they currently serve 2 MM healthy school meals a week).  What’s not to love about that?

These are all pretty simple designs. But since we all have a different level of comfort in the kitchen, I have ranked them according to difficulty. So grab your Starbucks and let’s go!

Pancake art recipe #1: Owl You Need is Love

Difficulty: Two cups of coffee

1. Warm clarified butter (less likely to burn) in a pan over medium heat. Pour batter in pan in an oval shape. If you have a squeeze bottle, that can help make the shape more precise. (I did the one above freehand.)

2. Reduce flame to low—this prevents butter from burning and gives you a nice pale golden color.

3. When bubbles form and pop open, leaving holes, flip pancake.

4. After pancake is done (about one minute), turn heat off and remove your from the pan.

5. Use two banana slices for the whites of the eyes, the nose and the feet.  Add blueberries for the pupils.

6. Cut one strawberry into quarters and use those as ear tuffs. Shape sliced almonds into the shape of wings.

6. Pipe whipped cream above the owl’s head for a cloudscape, and add a slice of lemon to represent the sun.

7. Slice a branch out of whole wheat tortilla and cover it with Nutella. Cut grapes in half for the leaves.

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Pancake art recipe #2: Goji Bear

Difficulty: 1 cup of coffee

1. Repeat steps 1-4 (above), making two round pancakes, one large and one small. The large pancake will be your Goji bear’s head.

2. Cut the stem off a strawberry and then slice it in half for the belly. Cut a thin sliver off the back so it lays flat on the plate.

3. Use a small knife to carve a tail out of a strawberry.

4. Cut arms out of your second pancake. Small scissors are great for this, but a knife will also do the trick.

5. Use blueberries for the nose and eyes. If you don’t want them to roll around, cut the berries in half and place the flush side against the pancake.

6. Use two raspberries for the feet.

7. Add lips and eyebrows with goji berries. If you don’t have these, raisins (or any dried berry) also works.


Pancake art recipe #3: I’m With Her 

Difficulty: Three cups of coffee (because it takes at least that much caffeine to turn on the news while you make this) 

1. Repeat steps 1-4 (above, making two pancakes. One will be the head, the other the torso (which you will can shape using clean kitchen scissors).

2. To make the eyes, use two banana slices, a 2 drops of greek yogurt and two blueberries. Cut upper and lower lips out of strawberry and fill mouth with yogurt to represent teeth.

3. Cut a raisin in half and mold each piece into brows.

4. Peel a mango and then arrange slices around the hairline.

4. Use Jordan almonds for the necklace and earrings and Smarties for the arms. Then close your eyes and pretend the presidential election of 2016 never happened.


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