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Is Your Tech Addiction Destroying Your Relationship With Your Kids?

My mom loves to read the newspaper, so much so that it was often hard for her to put it down when I was a child, even when I was talking to her. I knew she loved me, I knew she could multi-task, and yet her damn newspaper prevented me from having the undivided attention I desperately wanted and needed. Now I’m a mother of three, and, sadly, history is repeating itself, only instead of
the author with her two children, both of whom have been diagnosed with special needs

The Social Cost (And Reward) of Raising Children With Special Needs

When my husband and I first had children, I was elated to meet other mothers with children the same age. Watching our kids on the playground while we caught up over coffee turned into playdates at each other’s houses and helping each other plan birthday parties. But as our children grew older, my kids started to experience developmental delays, while theirs did not. The dynamics began to shift and I soon found myself quietly pushed