Pinecone Turkey Thanksgiving Place Cards

This Thanksgiving arts and crafts project will make even the crankiest child smile

Sure, you could buy place card holders online for Thanksgiving, but where is the joy in that? Each season, my daughter and I have fun coming up with ideas for how to decorate the kids table and this year, we decided to go with a foraging theme. After rounding up half a dozen acorns and pinecones from Central Park, we hit up Micheal’s for some feathers, googley eyes and birch disc pedestals. Although this arts and crafts project is super easy, you’ll need to use a glue gun, so probably best to have a parent involved. The best part? By simply switching out the names, you can reuse these turkeys year after year.

Pinecone Turkey Supplies:



Orange felt or foam (for the noses)

Glue gun


Googley eyes

Birch discs (optional)

Card stock (for names)

Pinecone Turkey: How to

  1. Using a glue gun, affix the acorn to the front of the pinecone (this will be the head)
  2. Cut out a small orange triangle and glue it to the acorn for the nose
  3. Glue on eyes and then the tail feathers, fanning the feathers out of the rear end of the pinecone turkey
  4. Glue the bird onto its pedestal
  5. Cut a small rectangle out of card stock, write name on it with metallic pen, then nestle into the scales of the pinecone
Amy Synnott

Amy Synnott

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