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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Perfect Presents For Everyone On Your List

Holiday shopping is a juggling act: You run to Game Stop to buy presents for one child, to Target to buy gifts for your in-laws, to Nordstrom’s for your best friend, and then back to Target — and before you know it, a whole day and hundreds of dollars have disappeared. And did you even get a gift for your brother-in-law? And what about that rogue uncle who sometimes shows up? Take it easy this
Aimee Song

Fall Fashion 2017: The Most Wearable Trends of the Season

The best thing about feeling that first nip in the air in September? The giddy realization that sweater season—and all the other heady joys of fall fashion—are right around the corner. But let's face it: Deciphering which new fashion trends are actually worthy of an investment can be tricky. Just because something is blowing up your Instagram feed—or you've seen the exact same item in five different fashion magazines—doesn't mean it belongs in your closet.

Heading to Florida for the Holidays? The Best Swimsuits for Every Body Shape

There are few things more horrifying to many woman than shopping for a new swimsuit. The fluorescent lighting, the rear view dimples, the realization that, yes, you ate your way through winter and most of early spring. Of course, I realize I'm not speaking for everyone (in fact, if you are one of those SAHMs who practices daily double workouts you can skip right ahead; all of these suits will look great on you). For

Seven Super Flattering Maxi Dresses You Can Wear Right Into Fall

A maxi dress might just be the perfect piece of summer clothing. Not only does it keep you cool and comfortable, it also allows you to get dressed—and out the door—in less than five minutes without looking like a sack of groceries. The best part? With the addition of a leather jacket and over-the-knee boots, this closet workhouse can easily transition into fall. SHOP THE LOOK Figue Maya cold-shoulder printed cotton-blend gauze dress, $595, netaporter.com  Riviera