The Beautiful Edit was conceived by Amy Synnott—award winning writer and 16-year veteran of InStyle® magazine’s executive staff —to inspire, delight and inform women who seek to balance beauty and style with wellness, family and work life.

The Beautiful Edit combines meaningful first person stories with in depth fashion, beauty and lifestyle service. Whether we’re revealing the best types of undereye creams, examining the impact of Trump’s dangerous anti-abortion ban, or providing a round up of the wearable fashion trends of the season, our lens filters out the nonsense, providing readers with an inspiring, authentic view of what modern women care about today. 

The Beautiful Edit organizes its content by the pillars of STYLE, BEAUTY and LIVING. Our goal is to allow readers to flow organically across the stereotypical boundaries that have traditionally separated magazines. And in the end, as the title suggests, we hope to to inspire our readers to find the beauty that is everywhere around them—and celebrate it. 

Amy Synnott, Founder

At my core I’m a wife, a mother and a journalist. My passions lie in the spaces between family life and work life, writing about topics that resonate with the interesting and diverse women I am lucky enough to call friends, family and colleagues. For the last 16 years, I have been integrally involved in shaping InStyle magazine, working first as the magazine’s Beauty Director (2000-2013) and later it’s Executive Editor (2013-2016). Though I’ve always been extremely passionate about my job as a writer and editor—and privileged to enjoy work that never truly felt like work—I’m most proud of my personal relationships (my son Alex is 11 and my daughter Olivia is 9) and my work with various women’s causes. My hope, in launching The Beautiful Edit, is to create a forum for women like me, women who are as deeply invested in their family and their personal life as they are in their jobs, women who want to have it all—a life filled with love, purpose, and grace—but don’t want to short circuit while doing it. I truly hope you will enjoy the site, and please let me know what you think! 

– Amy

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