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Berry Chia Pudding Parfaits

As a beauty superfood, chia seeds have a lot going for them: they are high in protein and fiber, low in calories, and teaming with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Combine them with almond or coconut milk, a bit of coconut sugar or honey and you have a delicious and satisfying chia pudding. Still, for years, my kids wouldn't eat them: The chia pudding I made just didn't look yummy. In fact, if I'm honest, that gelatinous mush I ate every morning looked a lot like my daughter's homemade slime. Of course, as countless children across the world have discovered in the last few years, slime doesn't need to look gross. All it needed, I decided, was a shot of color and a bit of nutritional glitter. After tinkering around with my recipe, I discovered that the consistency of chia pudding is thick, so you can pour a smoothie on top

The Art of the Pause: 8 Easy Ways to Live More Mindfully Every Day

Mindfulness is very much a part of all good art. Artists have their white space.  Musicians take a deliberate rest. Writers and actors practice the dramatic pause. These techniques allow the creative to express their art in a more thoughtful way. What if we were to take the same kind of breaks in our everyday lives? Taking the time to pause allows you to settle your mind—and step away from the mindless daily hamster cycle of craving and reward. It also gives us the opportunity to check in so we can go about our day in a more mindful way. Once you incorporate this practice into your daily routine, your workday, relationships and family life will feel more meaningful and less frenetic. So how exactly do you plan a restorative pause? Ayurvedic lifestyle educator and wellness consultant Alison Kleinert explains 8 easy ways to recharge. 1. Set a daily intention  Knowing

The Best New Beauty Superfoods For Gorgeous, Glowy Skin

In the last couple years, I’ve eaten more kale than I care to admit. Kale chips, kale salads, kale smoothies. At one point, I even tried to sneak that earthy cabbage into my kid’s muffins. Needless to say, they were not having it. At a certain point, I turned on the fibrous superfood, too. One day as I was sawing through some unmassaged leaves in my salad, it occurred to me that there had to be a more pleasant way to get my vital nutrients. I had a similar epiphany with chia seeds: Though I had come to love the taste of the coconut milk puddings I made every Sunday night, I eventually did some calorie math and discovered I was unwittingly slurping down around 800 calories every morning with my “healthy breakfast.” Well, good news for those who've been similarly disenchanted: A fresh crop of beauty superfoods has risen

How This Cancer Survivor Maintained Her Sanity—And Style—During Chemo

On a cold morning in December 2016, my life changed completely. I had just had surgery on my leg five days prior, so I was working from home, putting the final touches on a sustainable Christmas gift guide for my blog,, when the phone rang with what I assumed was a routine nurse check in. “Hi Kara, this is Sarah, your primary physician. Are you sitting down?” It turned out that the tumor they had removed, which I had been assured was most likely benign was, in fact, synovial sarcoma, a rare form of soft tissue cancer found in one in a million young adults. Tears streamed down my cheeks and my body convulsed as I hung up the phone. I was 24 years old. For over a year, I had suffered from pain in my left foot, similar to the needle-like sensation you get when your foot falls